Florida serves as a hemispheric hub for international business, transportation and logistics, cross-border trade and investment, banking and finance, and arts and culture. No other location in the Americas can match Florida’s unique combination of a strategic geographic location, advanced multimodal infrastructure, multilingual workforce, and concentration of corporate and financial resources, all in an attractive geographical setting with an unmatched quality of life.

Companies locating or expanding in Florida can benefit from access to dynamic markets, world-class talent, cutting-edge technologies and innovations, and resources to help you along the way. Florida offers a range of business advantages to companies from all over the world.

Market Size
Business Climate
Workforce Talent
Technology and Innovation
Access Global Markets


Florida is consistently ranked as one of the most business-friendly states in the U.S.

Low tax rates, political and monetary stability, regulatory predictability, enforceability of contracts, pro-business policies, and competitive business and living costs make Florida an attractive location for practically any type of business facility.

Florida also offers a variety of fiscal, worker training, and other business incentives to encourage investment in the state. No state personal income tax, and a comparatively low 5.5% top marginal corporate income tax rate make it very attractive to invest or expand here.

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With more than 400,000 employees and nearly $100 billion invested, foreign-owned companies are an integral part of the state’s economy.

  • Florida is ranked fifth in the U.S. and first in the Southeast for employment at foreign-owned companies.
  • The state is the largest recipient of foreign direct investment in the Southeast United States, and sixth in the U.S. based on value of investments at foreign-owned companies.
  • Manufacturers account the largest share of employment, accounting for one in five employees (21%) among foreign-owned firms.

Investors from overseas have successfully established regional sales offices, manufacturing facilities, research and development operations, and corporate headquarters.

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Enterprise Florida maintains a network of representative offices outside the United States, spanning all continents except Australia, ready to assist companies interested in investing in Florida.

If your company is located in any other country or region, please contact our Florida-based FDI Team.


Enterprise Florida’s network of international offices and Florida-based foreign direct investment team can:

  • Provide information on Florida’s economy, market, regions, key industry sectors, demographics, workforce, and growth opportunities
  • Assist with site selection, property searches, available incentives, tax rules, regulatory requirements & permitting, and procedures
  • Organize/conduct business seminars on Florida and its economy
  • Connect local companies with Florida suppliers of products/services
  • Foster partnerships between local institutions and their counterparts and/or stakeholders in Florida.

Contact one of Enterprise Florida’s International Offices or our Florida-based FDI Team to learn more.

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